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Poem: But


A heart shaped out of flames

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You were created in the image of the Divine…

You are treasured by the Beloved…

Jesus loved those on the margins best…

You deserve respect…

You are intrinsically disordered.
You’re only holy if you’re celibate. That’s your gift.
It’s against God’s wishes that you marry.
If you do marry, you are cut off from the Eucharist.
Which was meant for all sinners, but not sinners like you.
You can’t teach our children.
No matter what talent you have for inspiring them.
Or even come to family dinners where children might be present.
(Your corruption can be spread when passing the butter.)
Or even have happy families of your own. That’s just not possible.

It’s because we love our Church that we say this.
One Holy, Catholic, Immutable Church.
We’re caught, you see, between you,
and these immutable laws we wrote down,
in permanent ink,
that can’t be changed,
despite what the Divine is showing us
ever more forcefully,
through the witness of the people,
and the signs of the times,
that are themselves written in heartbeat red,
demanding attention.

And we love the sinner, hate the sin.
Love, you see, is narrow,
and unkind,
and to be earned, or withheld,
on our say so,
because we know the will of God,
and your love
So we can’t.


Under this weight of “buts”,
you still love.
You are, in fact,
a crucible,
for love.
Your love is questioned,
and taunted,
denied, shunned,
and hated.
Yet, you love.
And show facets of love maybe not yet discovered,
or, before this, known only to the Divine.
Love 2.0.
Full-stop love,
with no buts implied.