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Day 12: Praises for the World

Dear Pope Francis,

Summer has finally come in my part of the world. We’re having a very warm Saturday — with the promise of more warmth to come. The various weather authorities are even predicting a heat wave.

It’s been an interesting transition, given that we’ve been rain, cold and gloomy for the past couple of weeks and it has not been very summer-like around here. It’s a rather quick transition. This, coupled with other weird weather news we’ve had of late, makes you wonder if things are actually shifting in terms of our weather patterns. I kind of think they are.

Which, to my mind, makes an engagement in the world around us all that much more important. If things are going to get unpredictable in terms of weather, the only way we’ll cope is by becoming meteorological experts ourselves. We need to re-learn the signs all around us, as they’re new signs.

One of my favorite singers is Jennifer Berezan. This is one of her most well-known works, “Praises for the World.” The YouTube clip doesn’t do the beauty of the song justice, so I’d suggest you go to her website and buy a copy of the CD. It’s money well spent.

I’m always taken by the lyrics “The holiest words I’ve ever read or thought or sung or prayed, were praises for the world.”

Yours friend,


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