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Day 21: Poem: For what else was God to do?

Dear Pope Francis,

A poem bubbled up out of the ether for me today, so I thought I’d share.


For What Else Was God to Do?

by Kevin Aschenbrenner

I wonder if,

when God decided to send Jesus into the world,

it wasn’t without some slight hesitation.

As the day approached,

did God bounce from foot to foot,

like an anxious parent

sending a first child off to Kindergarten?

Did God hesitate, for just a minute,

wanting to grab the tag on the back of Jesus’ shirt,

and pull Him into an encompassing embrace,

never to let go?


I see God preparing for that day,

on one level, a reassuring presence for Jesus,

telling him how great it would be to walk among his human brothers and sisters,

and, on another level,

freaked right out at the idea of what those humans would do

when they got their hands on Jesus.


For God knew humans,

had created them,

basked in their gifts

their capacity for joy, and love and tenderness.

But God is a realist,

sees the whole picture,

and so must have known,

or at least suspected,

that things might not end so well.


And yet, like any parent who wants their child to be in the world,

bringing the gift only they can bring,

God let Jesus go,

sent Him out to be human, and among humans.


And God saw Jesus born as a human child,

and grow into the adult, who began His work.

God saw Jesus laugh, and weep, and sigh.

Saw His frustration when even those closest to him wouldn’t understand what he had to say.

When Jesus realized what had to be done

for His words to become flesh, His message a mission,

for His time on Earth to count for something

he made His choice.

And God saw. And God let go. And God wept.

For what else was God to do?


Hope you’re having a good Monday, Pope Francis.

Your friend,


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