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Day 28: Don’t stop believing

Dear Pope Francis,

Corey Monteith, star of a popular U.S. television program called “Glee” passed away over the weekend in Vancouver. He was 31. No cause has been released yet, but he had a long history with substance abuse and was recently in rehab.

I don’t know why I’m writing about this today. Maybe because the other main story in North America right now has been 1) covered way too much and 2) is not something I could begin to know to write about.

But I can write about Corey Monteith. Sort of. I don’t know him personally. I’ve never met him. I couldn’t tell you if he was a nice guy or not. But those who have met him have said nice things about him.

I only know that he starred in a show that celebrated difference, and he played a character who was, above all, true to himself. And, he and the other actors performed songs guaranteed to brighten your day. At least they often brightened mine. Is “Glee” high art? No. Was Corey Monteith special? No.

But I’m inexplicably sad all the same. Because, on the surface, Corey Monteith never showed the pain he must have been in to abuse drugs the way he reportedly did. He showed up to work, sang his heart out, did his lines, and put on a brave face. Of course, he got paid well to do it, and became famous — with all the perks that brings. But you never read stories in the press about Corey Monteith devolving like other celebrities who were eaten alive by drugs. He just sang. And acted. And went to rehab. And came out. And appeared to be OK and getting his life together.

And then, one day in Vancouver, he died. Like many others who fight addictions and don’t make it. When the news first came out, someone wrote on Twitter that the overdoses happen every day and the police do not hold press conferences, so why should they for Corey Monteith. I guess that’s true.

But I’m still a little sad. And I don’t know exactly why.

Here’s one of the first songs Corey Monteith and his castmates did on “Glee.” It’s still one of my favorites.


Your friend,



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