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Day 8: What to do when you hit overwhelm

Dear Pope Francis,

It’s been a really busy couple of days. I’ve had a lot going on. Too much, perhaps. On days like this I sometimes hit a point of overwhelm, where I just can’t handle one more bit of new information or talk to one more person.

If I’ve been paying attention to myself and the warning signs, maybe I’ve headed things off at the pass. But sometimes a little overwhelm happens. And then it’s only a matter of stopping, refocusing and getting myself back on track.

For me, this means tuning out the world for a bit and focusing my mind. I guess you could call it meditation, but I’m not always so formal. Posture? Ummm. Well, sometimes I use a chair. But, don’t tell anyone, sometimes I lie down. Shhhh…

More often than not, I put some music on. One of my favorites is Hymn of the Universe.

Hope you enjoy.

Your friend,


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