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Forgive me, Holy Father, for I have not blogged

beginning again

Dear Pope Francis,

Forgive me Holy Father, for I have not blogged. It’s been…awhile since my last substantive blog post.

I know that, back in the halcyon days of June I said I’d write every day. I’ve kept up with that, for the most part, but there have been a few lags in posts. Life just has a way of intervening. I do try to keep up a few posts a week, at least, with interesting links and resources. But writing a full post every day can be a little tough.

However, with Advent just around the corner, I’ve decided to use the change in liturgical seasons to pick up the pace around here and I’ll be posting most every day until Christmas. There may be the odd skipped day, but I’m going to make it part of my Advent intentions to be more present on this blog.

So, thanks for keeping up with me. I look forward to sharing some great posts over the coming month!

Your friend,


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