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Dear Pope Francis,

Well, if you ever want to see a spike in blog traffic, write about falling in with Anglicans. I am so happily overwhelmed with the response to that post. As of today, it’s had 3300 views and people have left some really amazing and thoughtful comments that I very much appreciate. It was even shared on Reddit. It seems many folks resonated with what I expressed in that post.

Honestly, I did not expect such a response. I felt like getting my thoughts on attending an Anglican parish onto the blog, and so I sat down and wrote. I never imagined it would be shared so widely. I’m truly grateful to everyone who read it and passed it on.

If I’ve learned anything from the response to the post is that there’s a restlessness among many Catholics and a desire to see a church that reflects a living embodiment of our faith. Many people have also expressed a desire to see the walls come down between faith communities and, ultimately, around the Divine. There are so many rules that do more to keep people from fully experiencing a living, loving God rather than bringing them into a closer relationship with the Beloved. Catholic, by definition, means universal, and I think we’ve been falling short of that name for quite awhile.

I’m excited by the dialogue created around my post, especially the interfaith response. I think it’s a sign that we’re on our way to something new, something big, as we all grow in our understanding of the Divine Mystery. I, for one, can’t wait to see what evolves.

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  • One huge “wall” that must come down is the RC notion that the Eucharist is a SIGN of unity. If the RCC truly believes the Eucharist is the body, blood, soul and divinity of Jesus Christ, then take a close look at the Christ of the Scriptures and note that they are replete with examples of how Jesus “came to” and was “received by” every type of person, “especially” (the Scriptures teach) sinners and those who were seeking him but really didn’t know him like we do today. You have no idea how irritated (mad) people get when the RC priest clues the congregation that Communion is only for Roman Catholics. Whenever I attend a RC Mass, they always announce that. When I was a priest in the RC church in the 1970s, I always used to invite ALL people who were seeking Jesus (the baptized and those “on the road”) to receive the Eucharist.

    • Some really good points, Pete. Thanks!

  • Thank for your blog.

    I have just written about it on my site:



    • Bosco, thanks for the mention on your blog. Yes, I’ve had a bit of a lull since my Anglican post. Hope to be back at it soon. 🙂

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