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How the talents of others remind us of beauty


Photo by Cathy O’Connor.

Dear Pope Francis,

I’m a word guy. That’s my gift to the world. I can package up vowels and consonants to express my own point of view, and maybe give insights to others.

Give me a paintbrush, though, and you’ll get a lovely impressionistic smear of colour. Pretty, possibly. Evocative, maybe not.

This is why I rely on the talents of others to remind me of beauty in its many forms.

My friend Cathy O’Connor, for example, is an amazing photographer. She takes all kinds of pictures, focusing on the beauty of nature. Her bird photos are especially wonderful.

Today, she posted the above photo to Twitter and I was immediately awestruck. It looks like she was standing on the International Space Station, not Earth, when she took it. Those craters are so vivid and crisp.

I asked Cathy if I could post this to my blog and she said yes. She doesn’t have a website — yet — but I’ll update this post when she does.

She’s also about to open an art gallery to showcase the works of others, and I think that’s such a perfect thing for her to do.

We always need reminders of what’s beautiful in the world, and how others see that beauty.

Your friend,



  • Kevin, my deepest thanks to you for your very kind words. Reading your post touched me deeply. Photography is something from which I derive so much pleasure. To know that others share in the enjoyment of the end result is very rewarding. I feel so fortunate when I am able to capture a moment of natural beauty and share it with someone else.

    I’m so grateful for you taking the time to share your appreciation with others. Like the moon, you are out of this world! 🙂


    • You’re very welcome, Kathy. I love your photos.

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