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Lent 2014 (Day 3): Sr. Elizabeth Johnson

Sr. Elizabeth Johnson

Sr. Elizabeth Johnson

Dear Pope Francis,

Lent is a time of reflection and contemplation focused on where we are in our lives and whether we are in right relationship with the Divine.

I can think of no better model for this than feminist theologian Sr. Elizabeth Johnson. She’s written several books, most recently Ask the Beasts: Darwin and the God of Love. She is probably most known for Quest for the Living God, which earned popular and academic acclaim, but annoyed a few bishops. (In my mind that makes it an even more important read.)

Buzzfeed, which is an online “news” site known more for sensational headlines that drive traffic, has published a really good interview with Sr. Johnson. I’d suggest making it your lectio divina choice for the day.

Your friend,


(P.S. those book links go to Amazon and if you make a purchase I get a little money to keep the tapers burning around here.)


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  • Etymologically, theology means the science/study/theory of, area of knowledge, a branch of learning of God. Theological speculations are mere speculations or abstract ideas that no one can ever prove. Every one is free to speculate and interpret theological matters/studies/ideas as one thinks fit. There is no point in arguing in favour or against such speculations.

    Sebastian Thomas

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